Lita, Zita and Bonita

We’re so excited and we just can’t hide it!

We were born on April 26th.  I’m Lita and I would like you to know Tortoiseshell felines are independent strong-willed and a bit sassy.  We are also affectionate, loving and adore our humans. I have a big sis personality. I like TV and making biscuits (kneading).  I’m turning the mic over to Zita.

Zita: Hi! I’m a love bu and appreciate having my neck scratched. Purrrrr! Take it Bonita!

Bonita: Bonita here! I’m a free thinker and adventurous. I like to snuggle close to my humans. We are spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

For more information about one, two or all three of us, please call our foster mom Sherry at (970) 209-8437.

Our bags are packed!

Copies of 3 tortoiseshell cats that we call Zita Lita and Bonita