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UPDATE: First off, we want to thank all of our wonderful rescue family out there that has come together to help us get a diagnosis for sweet Oliver. We asked our supporters if they could help us raise the money to help us get the testing done that we needed in order to make a decision with where to go next with Oliver. We asked for $300 and you answered with $335 worth of donations! How awesome are you guys! Heartfelt thanks to all of the donators. The total of the bill was just over $400.

Sometimes the answers we get aren’t the ones we are hoping for. Oliver has a Ventricle Septal Defect, which means the muscle that separates the two chambers has a hole in it that lets the blood flow to the other ventricle. This is congenital, meaning he was born with it. There is no treatment or cure. His heart is extremely large and working overtime which is causing breathing problems and the reason for his persistent cough. He is a time bomb. He will end up with congestive heart failure and his lungs will fill with fluid and he will suffer and suffocate. It will happen suddenly putting him into immediate crisis. It would be a horrible end. Pat has him at home and he is being spoiled rotten. He has a heating pad and he is being loved big time. He goes back Friday to Dr Gretta and most likely the decision will be made to end his suffering. Our hearts are broken. He made a big impact on a lot of people. Such a sweet boy. Our motto is no kitty left behind and by making an informed decision and not letting him suffer we didn’t leave him behind. He will know love and warmth and home until the end.

We plan on remembering this boy by creating a spot on our website “In memory” of those we loved and lost. When we take a kitty into our rescue we give that kitty the best that we are able to, for however long we have them. We couldn’t do any of this without the support of our wonderful following of people. You have made this possible. We might be the ones doing the day to day but without YOU none of this would happen. Thank you.

Katmandu Paonia family- meet OLIVER. This sweet 1 year old boy recently found his way into Dr. Gretta’s care at Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Gretta had him neutered, tested, and vaccinated. During the exam, it was found that OLIVER has a heart murmur and an enlarged heart. Our motto has always been NO KITTY LEFT BEHIND and so our decision to get an echocardiogram from a specialist to determine treatment options is absolutely in line with what we do as an organization.

The hard part of these decisions is the financial aspect. And so, Katmandu Paonia family, we humbly ask that if you are able, to please consider donating toward the cost of this cardiogram which is $300. You can make a donation via our website (click here) and there’s a place for you to note that your donation should go towards OLIVER.

OLIVER is super friendly, purrs loudly and rolls over for belly scratches. We will provide updates of the echocardiogram and additional information about his condition as we receive it.

Katmandu Paonia - Oliver

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